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Oliver Piilgaard Hallin
Upcoming Anniversaries
Births Date Anniversary
Magrethe Hallin f. Spagenberg 08/08/1898 117 years
Karen Anna Irene Jensen f. Knudsen 11/08/1926 89 years
Lene Harreby 15/08/1851 164 years
Peter Fischer Hallin 16/08/1977 38 years
Leonora Harreby Knudsen 18/08/1904 111 years
Last 20 People Updated
Person Updated
Victor Piilgaard Hallin 26/12/2010
Magrethe Hallin f. Spagenberg 26/12/2010
Jens Peter Spangenberg 26/12/2010
Niels Thure Hallin 26/12/2010
Peter Fischer Hallin 26/12/2010
Frans Olaf Hallin 26/12/2010
Jens Nicolai Jensen 20/11/2008
Camilla Kjær Hallin 20/11/2008
Karen Anna Irene Jensen f. Knudsen 20/11/2008
Susanne Piilgaard Hallin f. Hansen 30/05/2007
Oliver Piilgaard Hallin 21/05/2007
Dagmar Jørgine Fischer-Knudsen f. Christensen 12/12/2006
Jens Mathiesen Knudsen 08/12/2006
Hans Harreby Knudsen 08/12/2006
Ellen Petrea Knudsen 07/12/2006
Mikkel Jensen Fischer 07/12/2006
Hans Harreby Knudsen 07/12/2006
Jens Knudsen Meinertz 07/12/2006
Theodor Vilhelm Meinertz 07/12/2006
Karen Knudsen 07/12/2006

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